Start Locations; we can pick you up by boat at Kaiplats 17 pier downtown Stockholm, on Strandvägen next to Glashusset or if you prefer to get out of the city you can come directly to one of our two home harbours to start your sailing journey from.  Nacka Strand conveniently located near the city next to Hotel J and Restaurant J.,  Restaurang Fabriken. There is a charming and inexpensive city bus boat directly here.   If you prefer to start from the outer archipelago where best sailing waters we also have a great spot at Bullandö Marina. There you will find the popular restaurant Bullandö Krog, cafe, free parking and one of the best saunas in the archipelago and the nearest port close to Sandhamn.

Visit Nacka Strand the home of Sailing Sweden
Nacka Strands harbour and the  Carl Milles Fountain which was originally going to be placed at the UN Building in NY.

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